In interviews, I’m often asked what my most fundamental belief is.

I have many... as do you.

My mama’s mantra: “Don’t postpone joy," is ever a chart-topper.

But the one that I tend to find myself saying is most often:

“YOUR people want you to succeed.”

It may seem pat, but when I feel into what it is that folx listening need to hear and know? It’s that.

“YOUR people want you to succeed.”

Hear this though:

But YOUR people do.

In my household, we have been reciting Maya Angelou’s axiom “When someone shows you who they are, believe them,” since my Kid was old enough to have her heart broken by her peers.

But who are YOUR people?

It’s a question I try to answer as best as I can.

I say things like:

They are the ones committed to you knowing what you are HERE for.
They are the ones committed to you showing up in your PRESENCE.
The ones who are not afraid of your power.
The ones who encourage you to know your self.
The ones who encourage you to show yourself reverence.

But Nayyirah Waheed says it so much more clearly. Like she does.

This is NOW what we ask in our household when we are trying to discern our people:

Are they expanders?
Are they contractors?
Or are they neutral?

This IS how you know.

This is how you know who to COUNT on.
This is how you know who to RELEASE.
And this is how you know who can stick around... at least for the time being.

This is how you know who YOUR people are.

And trust me.
YOUR people want you to succeed.
That’s just true. (They told me so.)

How do you know who YOUR people are? Comment below and let me know.


I wanted to take some time to make sure you know about some of the fantastic things MY business friends are up to. The ones whose stories make ME expand. In the hopes that they will do the same for you.

My pal Theresa Reed is some kind of magic. That’s just truth. And every Sunday I receive her Astro-Biz digest. And it’s how I map out my week. Now you know. And now you can too. (Unrelated...we share a love of noodles.)

Tara McMullin has been one of my most trusted business besties for close to a decade. I am lucky that way. And she is convening her next Venture Mastermind/Montana retreat right now.It’s not going to be for everyone... but it’s for some big thinking business folx ready to VENTURE. Maybe it’s for you?

Jo Casey is running a free class on Saturday the 20th of October (replays available for those who register and can’t make it) called How To Create An Unstoppable Business where she’ll go through her (BRILLIANT) methodology and provide a framework for building an authentic and profitable coaching or healing business. You can sign up here. She’s a marvel.

You know how people talk about creating Patreon page but don’t know how to go about doing so... or even if it’s the right thing? Monica Herald is offering a brainstorming/ exploratory call for those considering Patreon as a creative playground that offers sustainability and community. Cost? $100. You can read more here.

Stay tuned for some pretty boss things happening in MY business.
Expanding and deepening.
My favourite energies.