To avoid feeling like a fraud, the Impostor Complex has us hide out in certain behaviours: procrastination, perfectionism, comparison, diminishment, people-pleasing, or in your case: LEAKY BOUNDARIES.

Boundaries are a beautiful thing. And when we allow them to become leaky, we tend to do things out of obligation (which can breed resentment), we tend to overshare information about ourselves, and we tend to give greater weight to others’ opinions over our own. In short, it’s hard to tell where we end and someone else begins. 

The good news is, by respecting your own boundaries, you also teach others to respect them. AND you embody a kind of integrity that is irresistibly magnetic.

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  • How it relates to the Impostor Complex and has been in the way of your Unshakeable Confidence; and,
  • Above all, what you can do to move past this so you can shine even brighter. Because we neeeeeed you at full strength.