Today I am delighted to have my coach and friend Desiree Adaway on the show. Desiree helped me see, integrate, and then SPEAK this truth in every single and all gigs—that race, class, age, gender, ethnicity, gender expression, and other identities will always come into play as you do this work, and that I, Tanya, will not always be the best person to provide you support you need to do this work of shifting our mindset around leadership. AND I am committed to helping you reduce barriers and using my privilege to connect you to networks, resources, and teachers that CAN support you on this journey.

So in this episode, Desiree and I talk about Desiree’s understanding of liberation and identities and how these two work together when it comes to navigating our world—and informing our Impostor Complex. We outline the frameworks of liberatory consciousnesses: awareness, analysis, action, and accountability. We talk about why we are so scared of getting it wrong and how this determines our every move, getting over the sense that if we do something wrong then we are wrong at our core. So a lot of that comes down to understanding the characteristics of white supremacy and focusing on brave spaces instead of safe spaces. Then we offer different ways of showing up with this deeper understanding to do the work.

“We don’t move the needle by being safe.”
-Desiree Adaway

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