When things just.aren’t.clicking,
it’s time to shine some light on the situation.

The Spotlight Sessions illuminate the places that seem dark and unknown. The places that aren’t aligning with the brilliance of your desired path. If you want to get clear and focused on something: a launch, a decision, your purpose, an issue, your vision, your voice, your offering, your direction, your mission, The Spotlight Sessions are absolutely for you.

In our first call we will : 

  • cut through your fears, limiting beliefs, and figure out what’s holding you back

  • strip back what needs to be released and realign your life with your core values

  • reset your life compass.

  • map out what needs to happen over the next six months.

All in just 90 minutes. The light will feel oh so warm after so much time in the shadows.

And then, we’ll follow up with a second call for 60 minutes. Yours to book at the six month mark. (Or before. Or after. I’m not fussy. Just book it within a year of the first session.)

Angela Raspass 1.png

The time spent with Tanya in my Spotlight Session was simply the most valuable, powerful, and affirming experience I've ever had as an entrepreneur. I feel unleashed, confident, focused, and anchored in the truth that my message and mission are important and everything is now possible. Tanya, I am so very grateful.

-Angela Raspass

Here's what ANGELA has to say about her Spotlight Session:


Here’s what you do:

  • Click the “buy now” button below. I will send you the Quintessential Questions and a link to my calendar so you can pick the best time for you.

  • You call me on the scheduled day with your specific topic we’ll get you SUPER CLEAR on your next steps.

  • After the call, I’ll send you an MP3 of the session so you can reflect on all the goodness that came up from our session.

  • You get yourself into action then book the follow up around the six-month post-session mark. (You will not believe how far you’ll have come.)


Time spent talking to Tanya Geisler is time exquisitely spent. In speaking to her, I find not the prescriptive words of a self-proclaimed guru, but the truth of my deepest heart reflected to me.
Esmé Wang

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My session with Tanya totally changed the way I saw myself and was like one continuous AHA! moment! She really listens and provides razor-sharp insight that will keep you moving forward in your life.
Kandice N Cole


When I say Tanya is an extraordinary coach, I mean she is seriously effing brilliant. Her powers of insight move at the speed of a sleek and shiny Tesla. Her heart is one of the hugest I've ever witnessed. And wisdom? Don't get me started. Spotlight Coaching Session(s) with her will give you enough to chew on for months...and then some.

-Lauren Bacon


Tanya Geisler is a powerhouse! Her knowledge, skills and spot on intuitive insights, makes her a force to be reckoned with! What she was able to do in our Spotlight Session was nothing short of incredible. She asked the right questions that brought a clarity. Tanya laid out action plans propelling me to move toward my next steps, which will take me & my company to another level. It was just what I needed for my company to be rebirthed!
Michelle Pena