The “2%” in reference to milk is a bit of a misnomer to me. It’s not really addressing 2% MILK…it’s addressing the 2% FAT in the milk. But we’re not considering that when we drink it…we’re simply intent on drinking the milk. At a CTI training course this weekend, our skillful leaders Ken and Nina introduced us to the notion of 2%. Consider something you feel strongly about. A person you respect, an image you love, a flavour you detest. Here’s an example: I detest the fluoride treatment I got when I was a kid (especially bubble gum flavour…oooh and the feeling of those horrid styrofoam trays that you had to clamp in your teeth). Got your own example clear in your mind? Envision it, feel it and hold it clear.

Now…consider the complete OPPOSITE. Yeah, I know…it feels weird because it’s completely untrue. I now LOVE the getting the fluoride treatment. So…get that clear in your mind. Own it, feel it, see it smell it…how wrong that statement is for you.

NOW…find the 2% of this perspective that IS true. WHAAAAA? Impossible…the flavour would make me gag. It would make my tears well up as I tried to not throw up. Think, think, think…how can there be any truth in the statement that I could love the treatment. Here are a couple of ways: I live in a country rich enough to make kids’ dental care a priority. I got to miss class because of this temporary discomfort. With this coating of goop, I am now invincible and can eat all the sugary crap I want (I was a kid, after all). Not so nauseated now.

There’s a nugget of truth in every perspective…it may just be 2%, but there’s still gold in them there hills.