It’s frustrating, I know. You ask the hard questions and get easy answers. Like E-Z answers. Ludicrously trite answers…the kind we’re all guilty of doling out. (Yeah…me too.) These answers endure because, well, their simplicity is magnetic. And stitched right into them is TRUTH.

But it’s partial truth…the kind that is ignorant and unconcerned about context.

So without further ado, 24 easy answers.

And one really really hard one to swallow.

On wealth

  1. Buy low, sell high.
  2. Spend less, make more.
  3. Income up, debt down.

On health

  1. HDL up, LDL down.
  2. Move more, eat less.
  3. More water, less booze.
  4. Sweat every day.

On beauty

  1. Laugh more, worry less.
  2. More sleep, less TV.
  3. Loving your outside is an inside job.
  4. Coconut oil.

On relationships

  1. Hug more, text less.
  2. Keep your word.

On everything

  1. Quality over quantity.
  2. Write like a lover, edit like an ex.
  3. Work hard, play harder.
  4. Ease up, effort down.
  5. Pray more, complain less.
  6. In good time.
  7. The grass is always greener…
  8. Don’t sweat the small stuff.
  9. Make every moment count.
  10. It is what it is.
  11. Don’t worry about what everyone thinks.

But the hardest one of speaks to a truly deeeeeeep desire.

How do I become free?

The answer:






Set yourself free.

Hard. Trite. And as true as anything you’ve ever read.