I am a big fan of getting outside perspectives. Generally, we can only see as far as the next obstacle. Also generally, we can only see into the dark as far as the flashlight of our mind will allow. From where you stand, you will see new possibilities for me. If I invite you to do so, your flashlight will illuminate my dark corners.

(I sense it’s what we’re here to do for one another.)

What do you think about this? How am I showing up? Here’s my plan…do you see any holes?

If the feedback is resonant and feels right and true for me, (even if it feels tough…sometimes especially if it feels tough), I’ll integrate it and move forward.

If it’s dissonant and doesn’t feel right and true for me, I’ll dig a little deeper, see where the disconnect lives, and try to discern where I’m willing (and not willing) to compromise and move forward.

This is progress. It wasn’t always that clean (more on that another time).

I’ve poured my heart and soul into my Step into Your Starring Role program. I know it like the back of my hand. I know its value, its power, its worth.

And, like every former marketer who has fled the corporate world and has inexplicably lost the ability to write their own copy (ahem), I have struggled to find the words to adequately convey said value, power and worth.

It’s not just about coming up with clever marketing copy. I’ve also been sensing the value, power and worth have been what I’ve ASSIGNED it. And that’s felt out of integrity.

Because what I also sense is that the program is its own entity. Beyond the heart and soul that I’ve poured into it, I’ve wanted to understand:

What does it know? What does it want?

I’ve asked the program myself…but I keep getting my own words back.

Time for some outside perspective. And not from someone who had done the work. (I have plenty of exquisite testimonials for that.)

I mean really outside perspective.

Oracle-like perspective.

Enter Theresa Reed and her deck of tarot cards.

On my behalf, she asked her cards what I needed to know about the program.

The response:

Eight of Cups - as people go through the program, they gather what they need to finally make the changes they have been seeking. This program encourages the participants to move ahead, to leave baggage behind, and to LEAD. This is about stepping away from the noise (both inner and outer) and walking a courageous path. Step Into Your Starring Role is the sacred circle where courage is encouraged and leadership is born.


Step Into Your Starring Role is the sacred circle where courage is encouraged and leadership is born.

There it was. There it IS. Not a testimonial, not a sales page, but a PROPHECY.

Truth that I knew but couldn’t see or name. My flashlight beam wasn’t reaching that far.

But hers did.

For the millionth time, I’ll say this:

  • Ask for help.
  • Get outside perspectives.
  • Work with the best.

You, your body of work, and the people who need you deserve nothing less.


Speaking of the best, I think you need to know Theresa. An incredibly generous and gifted woman, I trust her implicitly and respect her profoundly. Her new Tarotcast offering has informed the scheduling and shape of my entire year. Like I said, Oracle-like.


If you’re ready to step into your starring role, ready to step into leadership, take your place. Start by joining me and some super stars for a virtual retreat on February 26th.