What if you trip and fall? You might.What if you get to the top and find out you’ve been climbing the wrong mountain? It happens. What if the expectations at the top are more than you envisioned? Could be. What if people are resistant to your ascent? Also possible.

Those are good questions. Sane questions. RESPONSIBLE questions.

They’ve kept you safe and that’s a good thing.

But I’ve got some other questions to ask you.

How much longer are you willing to wait? When does it get to be your time? When will you be ready enough to meet your desires?

Above all:

Given your drive to strive, your value of excellence and mastery, how can you NOT step up?

To be certain, the climb is high.

There will be twists and turns. (It’s part of the terrain.)

You will fall and you will rip your pants. (You will get new ones.) Along the way, you’ll meet naysayers. (And you’ll meet some yaysayers.) You will question, you will calibrate, you will course-correct. (That’s your job.) You will get tired. (Nap.)

You will amaze yourself and dazzle your soul and your heart will burst open and you will know, once and for all what emergent magnificence you are truly made of.

You will finally see what we’ve been seeing all along.

You will be changed for the experience. And you will never, ever look back.

Step up.


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