Step Into Your Starring Role just launched on Monday. For me, it’s a big, big deal.

And like any big, big deal project, it was not undertaken lightly. I did the research, planned and crafted. I know the kinds of women who I’m hoping will rise up and step into this work. And I’m ALSO running a business, so in truth, I have some ideas about how MANY I hope will show up.

And? I’ll celebrate the group when they have gathered. Nomaddahowmany.

For the moment, however, I am required to celebrate the work and effort that has gone into THE LAUNCH. Marketing and sales are my least favourite aspects of running my business. I’ve made the launch as aligned with my Brand of Joy as possible and it’s been no small feat. It’s taken many hands, hours, decisions and dollars.

So I’m celebrating it all by leaving the country for a week with my family and friends.

An unorthodox time to be leaving, for sure. Of course it would be wiser to stay during the registration period, non? Surely celebrating hitting my sales target (ugh) at the END of the registration period is smarter, non?


Because I’m also cooked. Stretched out and tired and weary, like at the end of a particularly long yoga practice. Ready for savasana.

I also want to be fresh and ready for this new group of women who have started to gather for the program. They deserve my best. They will GET my best.

Instead of fretting about outcomes and numbers and all the things we shoulda coulda woulda done, I’m calling it a day (or, rather, a week) and rejoicing on what WAS done. (So, so much.)

I’m a big, big fan of celebration.

Tracking wins. Acknowledging the hard work. Putting a ribbon on a job well done. Synthesizing the learnings. Conditioning us for more (when we’re good ‘n rested ‘n ready.)

It’s so important to me that I’ve devoted an entire module to the art of celebration in the Step into Your Starring Role program…because while celebration seems like it’s SUPPOSED to be fun, it’s also incredibly hard for us to find our way to it.

“If you ask me what’s the most terrifying, difficult emotion we feel as humans,” she says, “I would say joy.” – Brené Brown

Could be, Brené. Could be. And I think one of the most challenging, difficult things we do as humans, is to celebrate.

Have I done enough to warrant celebration? Won’t I jinx my efforts? Who has time to celebrate? It’s gauche to celebrate my efforts. It’s called “work”, not “play”.

But this much I’ve learned:

Scheduling celebration as integration time isn’t selfish. It’s strategic.

So, back to my Step into Your Starring Role program.

My brilliant team will be handling any inquiries and I will be in touch with them some. That is, when I’m not teaching my girl how to snorkel, or having her teach me archery (the only target I’ll have my eye on.)

I’m celebrating my yes’s, my no’s, the zigs and the zags.

And I’ll be opening my heart and arms up to the women who will decide if this is the work they are being called to do. I’ll just be doing it from the beach rather than my desk.

Over to you. Which of your yes’s, your no’s, your zigs and your zags want to be celebrated today?


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