Tear off the mask; your face is glorious. ~ Rumi

I could have called this post “The number one reason you don’t need Step into Your Starring Role”, but I prefer “You already know how to do this.”

Because it’s the stone-cold truth of it.

You already know how to do this.

This business of stepping into your starring role. You already know how to do it.

It’s deep down, kept under lock and key in your heart. But it’s there. When you read my words and feel their resonance, that’s simply a recognition of the truth that lives there.

My ego doesn’t want you to know that…but I’ve learned to challenge what it wants. It’s a dance.

My ego wants to rattle cages and tell you that you HAVE to grab the Starring Role Playbook. That it’s the only path towards your soul’s salvation. That nothing else in the world will lead you to activating the desires of your being. That you must sign up now, now, now, now or else your chance is gone, gone, gone, gone.

But that’s bullshit.

Yes. I can see your capacity with startling clarity. (It’s an honour.) And yes the content that I share in the program is rock-solid and proven. And yes, the container of the program is exquisite. And yes, the calls are incredible.

But I never (ever) want to create fear-based panic. (Ever.) I do not want to engender a sense that this program will fix you. (Can’t fix what ain’t broke.) Or that you are lacking. (Oh sweet merciful heavens, no.)


If you feel like this work will expand you in the best possible way; If you feel like I am the right guide; If you feel like the factors the brilliant Bari Tessler laid out in this epic post are honoured; If it feels aligned with your Brand of Joy; AND, If it feels like the most loving and TRUE PATH for you…

…then sign up.

If not, don’t.

Whether you do Step into Your Starring Role or not, you will continue to be the startlingly beautiful, brilliant, radiant, essential, irreplaceable YOU that you have ever been. Sacred.

We just want to see you without your mask.


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