You know that opportunity that comes along that speaks to you on a deeply visceral level? Like it was created just for you? The timing, the stars, everything is just oh-so-right.

And you are there, teetering on the precipice. Just about to step in.

But then you don’t. You give up before you get going.

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Why? Why do we do that?

I can think of seven reasons:

  1. We’re afraid of failing.

  2. We’re afraid of succeeding.

  3. We’re afraid of being let down.

  4. We’re afraid of letting ourselves down.

  5. We’re afraid of not being met.

  6. We’re afraid of not being seen.

  7. We’re afraid of being seen.

And so we stop short. Real short.


We don’t claim our expertise. We don’t raise our rates. We don’t pitch our work or stand in our worth.

Which makes our Impostor Complex breathe a sigh of sweet relief. Because if nothing changes, then nothing is risked.

And the Impostor Complex is even more risk averse than your second high school sweetheart. The one you dated right after the wild and sexy one. The one with the pressed, pleated chinos who kissed like a fish and talked about insurance at school dances. Yes. THAT risk averse.

But here’s what I know. And I know you know it too, with every fiber of your being.

If you give up before you even get going, you’re simply never (ever) going to get to where you’ve been called to go.

It just doesn’t work. It just doesn’t happen. Your life has shown you that.

Stop stopping.
Start stepping.


The Starring Role Academy is ready for you to step into it. And? It’s designed for you to succeed. For you to not fail. For you to be seen, heard, met. But most importantly? So that you break your stopping habit. For good.