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I have a request. Can you just pause to think about that thing you just crossed off your list?

I know, I know... you have more things on your list and can’t possibly pause to think back. But it was LITERALLY 10 minutes ago which is why you’ve opened your email or clicked the link in FaceBook and are reading this right now. So just take another minute with me and revisit that completed task.

Maybe you:

  • hit the gym
  • wrote the shitty first draft of your pitch letter
  • sent your proposal to a literary agent
  • asked for support
  • signed a client at your new rate

Remember that?


Stay with me now - I know you don’t think it’s a big deal. Yes, I too am looking at your massive to-do list and can see it’s just one thing out of many.

But let’s put down the list for a second.

Take my hand.

Look in my eyes.

And listen deeply to me when I tell you this:

There was a time when you believed what you just did was not possible.

For you.

Oh, you believed others could do it.

More athletic, strategic, creative people than you. Smarter, braver, luckier people than you.

But guess what? You were wrong.

It WAS possible.

You just proved it to yourself.

When it comes to the Impostor Complex, it's not about never ever feeling its sting again. It doesn't work like that.

It's about building your resilience and recognizing all the times you've stood at this very precipice of your desires. Of expansion. Of a breakthrough.

"And then remembering all the times that you decided to jump anyway and discovered that the party was indeed on the other side of the resistance."

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Where else can you prove yourself wrong?