“To find out a girl's faults, praise her to her girlfriends.” - Ben Franklin

Ohhhh, Ben. Your misogyny is showing.

But the truth is this: as a woman of public profile, most assuredly, someone’s going to come after you. And nine times out of ten, it’s another woman.

It just is.

And, honestly, there are no words that need to be wasted on that nonsense. We know why it happens. (Hey, hey, patriarchy that tells us there’s only enough room at the top and it's saved for dudes that look like Ben Franklin),

We can - and must - do better.
We can’t let comparison, envy and hero-worship get in the way any longer.
It’s a distraction that is keeping us from changing the mess we’re in.

I’ve written about putting away the scissors before. And I’ve conceded that not EVERYONE wants you to succeed.

But YOUR people do.

And so today, I have some requests of you.

Be someone’s cheerleader.
Be someone’s hoist up.
Be someone’s presence.
Be someone’s open hand.
Be someone’s wish come true.
Be someone’s radiant mirror.
Be someone’s point of connection.
Be someone’s ear without feeling the need to fix or heal. (Anne Lamott said “help is the sunny side of control.” Huh.)
Be someone’s spotlight on their genius and talents.

And celebrate someone’s light like it’s your own.

Because you know what? It is.

Don’t believe me? Well, it’s true – even if you can’t see it.