We have had two consecutive beautiful sunny days in Toronto (yup…you read that right).

As we basked in the sun on our back deck yesterday, rejuvenating our vitamin D-starved cells, I considered how blissful a short winter would be if Wiarton Willie didn't see his shadow today. I love winter…I really do. But I think that like all good party guests, orators and aging rock stars, the season should know when to make a graceful exit.

Further, this solidifies my belief that people should often reconsider their investment of time in pursuits that should have ended a while ago. For me, that has meant staying in jobs that stopped enriching my life long ago, but that I stayed in simply out of inertia. I have since given myself the gift of "no".

We don't have much say in how much longer the weather will stay warm, or if it will turn dastardly for another 6 weeks…but we can take pause and consider where we're giving our time away…and if we want to say "yes" or "no" to that.