We’re three months into 2014. It’s a fascinating amount of time, ‘three months’, isn’t it? In some ways, it feels like an eternity. In other ways, a wink (or a slap, depending on your perspective.)

Consider that in three months:

Your hair will have grown an inch and a half, totally changing the look of your face. You could change three habits. Consecutively. You could wish upon three full moons. (Or three new moons.) You could master a headstand in farrrrr less time. You could go from planting a patch of okra to harvesting it. You could replace 36,000 Incandescent Light Bulbs preventing the usage of 24,000 barrels of oil. Your newborn baby can go from looking like an adorable bologna loaf to a smiling cooing Gerber baby. You could miss the bus, meet the ONE and move in with them. You will enjoy 12 Friday nights. A spawn will become a tadpole will become a frog. Or an egg will become a butterfly. Danielle wrote The Fire Starter Sessions. (Which hit #1 in three bestseller categories on Amazon, brought in about a half a million and is now in paperback.) You could launch the program of your dreams. Spring will become summer.

A lot can happen in three months. Or not much…especially if you keep waiting for the perfect time.

So the question I have is: where do you want to be in three months? Well, ACTUALLY, the real question is: where do you want to be in a year? Because what’s set into motion in the next three months IS the first wave upon which the next wave will be built. And so on. (Which is good news. On all fronts. You don’t have to do it all right now AND your actions WILL STILL yield the big results…but note the key word: “action”.)

option-20It should be no surprise that Step into Your Starring Role is a 12-week program. In that time, the group of creatives, visionaries, healers and entrepreneurs who are signed up and ready will learn a process (or rather, a “technology” as former brilliant SIYSR participant Amy Miyamoto reminded me of in our interview yesterday) that when mastered and revisited supports infinite growth and expansion. They will learn to beat back the Impostor Complex, time and time again, as needed along their own path to fulfilling their missions as change-making powerhouses.

Yes. Step into Your Starring Role registration ends on March 30th. Where do you want to be in three months? In a year?