Our baby girl turns TEN today (April 12th). Oh my. Oh my. This is the first birthday of hers that I remember (VIVIDLY) my very own. (Though the pink parasol that I received on my fifth birthday is still pretty fresh in my mind.)

It felt momentous...mostly the double-digit thing. But it wasn’t with excitement that I met it. More like a sense of dread. It felt like a short step from ten to teenager…that fraught time of hormones, and rage, and serious conversations, and heavy makeup and brooding music and hairspray. It didn’t feel like freedom…it felt like the beginnings of becoming someone I didn’t want to be.

It was the first of many reminders that whether I wanted it to or not, time moved on. Whether or not ANY us were ready for it.

I’m watching these teeny bouts of melancholy play out in my girl too, trying hard to be with her where SHE is. I see in her the dawning recognition that the world around her, right and wrong, is becoming hers to start to own. The injustices, the unfairness, the wrongs to be righted. It’s no wonder that the world of Littlest Pet Shop still calls her back.

Inevitably, I’m thinking back to her previous birthdays. Her ninth. Her eighth. And her seventh. It’s her seventh birthday that I want to share with you.


Run my dear, from anything that may not strengthen your precious budding wings. - Hafiz

Yes. Yes.

So, will you play along? Will you help her to witness the power of her wishes? Will you consider what YOU can do today to be happier and healthier? And will you share that here in the comments or via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #HealthyHappy10?

Knowing that you’re doing what you can to be healthier and happier will make her tenth birthday extra magical.

Thank you. Thank you.