Believe in magic or not, we all know what it's about. The awe-induced experience of witnessing something momentous...and wanting to be a better person because of it. No matter what it is. My magical top 7 (in no order whatsoever) 1. shooting stars - to see one means that you've a) been patiently keeping your gaze up and not at your feet or b) you've had dumb luck. 2. dumb luck - this happens...a lot. Sadly, it's the hope that this will befall us that can keep us small...think lotto dreams. Then again, think lotto dreams and replace "lotto" with "blue sky"...and now what's available? Now what is your subconscious working on? If it's real and authentic, you'll find a way to make it happen...clarity is the key. 3. love - can't see it, hear it, taste it, or touch it...but man, can you feel it when it's real and genuine. 4. new beginnings - there's always a chance to turn the bus around....especially if you have the right people sitting with you. 5. music - for me, there is nothing like music to lift me up if I need to be lifted, or brought to earth if I need the grounding. I love it all...except for rinky-dink noodly jazz...that just makes me mad. But make a recommendation and I may turn that around too...may be another new beginning. 6. coaching - working with people committed to making real, tangible and significant changes...for themselves and ultimately, the world around them...sheer inspiration and an honour to witness. 7. the smell of oleanders - poetry in a fragrance

Why only 7? I love the magic of having room for more. I intend to keep adding, so please send me some of your thoughts...magic is to be shared.