The word “kindness” has been coming up a lot lately…in reference to me. Apparently, my circle of influence thinks I’ve been beating myself up as it pertains to my business of late. I, of course, think there’s nothing wrong with being an overachiever when it comes to my own stuff. Being Type “A” is a good thing….isn’t it? I realized my hypocrisy when I found myself suggesting to a dear client that they might offer themselves a dose of kindness.

I got off that call feeling great about some things that we worked through in our session and then went back to my desk. I sat down, shook my head at my ever-increasing to-do list (or worse still…the pile of sticky notes that have yet to be even transcribed ON TO the to-do list) and felt that tightness in my shoulders that I get when I start to feel overwhelmed.

I thought about this dichotomy. Why one thing is good for my clients but not me.

I realized something today…that I have been running my business as a business (duh) but not with a lot of empathy to my staff of me. I realized that if I reported to a boss that was as unyielding as I’ve been, I’d have quit long ago (and I’m no quitter!!!)

I started to think back to my former corporate life and reflected on the way I treated those who reported to me. I’d argue that I was fair, equitable and appreciative. (And if you ever reported to me and thought differently, email me and we’ll talk!)

So…why am I so hard on myself? In my business, I’m making great headway, have phenomenal clients, am honing my craft, my work ethic is strong and my intentions are excellent. I come up with creative solutions to complex problems and anything else you can think of that would have me ace a performance review. I decided that my new maxim ought to be: “Do unto yourself as you’d do unto others”.

I decided to give myself a little bonus today (and I do mean little as I’ve yet to develop a bonus structure for my exemplary staff). A pretty plant that will remind me to breathe.

The current Board of Your Life Bonus Structure (to be revisited Q3)

Because I’m THAT kind of boss. A good boss. And a kind boss.