My husband recently brought an exquisite blog to my attention:  Letters of Note - "Correspondence deserving of a wider audience". (Damn near impossible not to appreciate the eloquence of the mission, isn't it?) The day I’m writing this, the letter of note is one from Fellini to Kubrick… sigh. The letter that brought him to Shaun's site was one written by Pixar animator Austin Madison to encourage aspiring animators to persist in the face of creative dips. It was written as part of the Animator Letter Projects, a collection letters of advice for hopeful animators, collated by Willie Downs. (Damn near impossible not to appreciate the delightful intention of Willie's project, isn't it?)  

Read on.


(Damn near impossible to not appreciate the heart in this letter, isn't it?)

Do you feel the resonance of Austin's words in your bones?  They hearken back to Steve Pressfield’s "Do the Work".

Writers write. Animators animate. Coaches coach. Runners run.

Yes, persistence can FEEL hard. That’s it and that’s all. Like dieting, or working through it, or training for that marathon…no one promised this would be fun.

And the pay-off? Potentially huge.

Persist. It takes courage…and you have that in great abundance.

Oh yes you do.


PS - I was invited to say more about courage over here at my friend Kate Swoboda's blog.

PPS - Dyana and I talked about the Dastardly Dip a long while back. How do YOU get through the Dip? Would LOVE to hear your words of wisdom in the comments, please and thank you. They will serve to inspire others.


(Image courtesy of Willie Downs' Animator Letters Project.)