Thank you all, for being here…for coming to my housewarming party with full hearts and REALLY warming this joint up. I so appreciate you.

I also so appreciate the earnest group of women who dove into the "Step into your starring role" challenge and pushed aside any reservations they had about putting themselves out there. All stars, each of Harley, Kandice, Teresa, Jessica, Christina, Leigh, and Theresa.

Please find these women and marvel at what they’re up to. Each one is a new and massive source of inspiration for me now, and I’m excited to see what’s next for them.

And finally, I must acknowledge my appreciation for Danielle, Dyana, Pam, Jen, Jamie, Michelle, Tara, Amanda, Carrie, and Kelly for donating so generously with the intention of someone fully stepping into the starring role of their life. Cool beans from cool women.

More in this video…including, zee winner of The Swag Bag of Magnificence, Magnified.

Reminder to all entrants:  to take me up on my Pay-What-You-Choose Clarity Session offer, email my super-amazing and wonderful VA Valerie with ANY offer and away we go...getting you super clear and super focused.