It was 5pm on New Years Eve. A snowy, festive scene - the bottle of prosecco had already been popped, Lisa was assembling the cheese tray like a champ, the kids were playing Lego and the fellows were getting the Spotify playlist juuuust right. Present to my current joy but with an eye on the year to come, I followed my instinct to plant a couple of seeds that were germinating in my heart.

Including reaching out to the Wonder from Down Under, Julie Parker of Beautiful You Coaching Academy. I knew we would hug in 2015. Just didn’t know how or when.

Luckily…she did.

An hour after I reached out to her, she invited me to come and deliver a keynote to a group of the most lovely, receptive and generous women I’d ever had the pleasure of meeting. In New York. In June. Of course.

Inspiration Day was a dream of hers, planted long ago and tended to with love, support, determination, perseverance, faith and hard, hard work.

Thankfully, it was all worth it.

She writes in the most recent edition of her inspired COACH online magazine:

And when on the day our divine guest speaker and former inspired COACH cover girl Tanya Geisler said… “We are all witness today to a woman’s dream coming true. That’s something I would travel across the world to see any day” – I burst into tears at the realisation she was speaking about me. It took me a moment amongst all the planning and doing and creating but I got there.

Her planted seed bore fruit. The most exquisitely refreshing fruit ever.

My seed bore fruit too. We most certainly did hug in 2015. Oh how we hugged.

(Photo by Katya Nicholas)

And sometimes, we plant seeds for one another.

I was speaking with my friend and colleague Christine Francoeur. Feeling fried, tired, and weary, I was wanting something I couldn’t name.

She said, my wish for you is to take a break. Go to the cottage. Write and make carbonara.

Seed planted.

I’ve never made carbonara before. Until last night. After a full day of writing.

And what was I writing? No big deal… just the book that I’ve been holding in my heart for years. You know…the one the border guard wished into being?


Haven’t I told you that story yet?


Last summer, on a long drive home from the coast, we were in that sweet and comfortable wordless space that comes from plenty of time spent together. Nothing needed to be said. Natalie Merchant crooned softly as we coasted through the White Mountains in Vermont on our way back to Canada. Present to my current joy but with an eye on the year to come (apparently, it’s how I roll), my mind kept playing out what's next in my business, chewing over options and vetting my excitement level. Wondering when I’d FINALLY make time to write my book.

The guard at the teensiest border I’ve ever come across asked the requisite q’s about alcohol, purchases, then looked me straight in the eye and asked me when the book would get written.

Dumbfounded, I sputtered that I hoped soon.

She said, I hope so too, Honey. The world needs it.

She then shook her head as if to break a spell, and waved us through.

Seed planted.


Not all seeds come to fruition.

But many do.

Take a moment to look around and see the growth of seeds that you’ve planted…or have been planted for you. Relish the abundance.

And take another moment. Or twelve. And plant some wishes under tonight’s new moon. For yourself. For your loved ones. For those who challenge you. For those who enlighten you. For the earth. For the moon. For the animals. For the waters. For the babies yet to be born. For peace. For love. For yourself.

Then tend the seeds of your wishes into being.(Tweet this.)