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Many (many) years ago, I signed up for a course that Pam Slim and Chris Guillebeau co-created. I knew OF Chris, to be sure, but took the course based on my (fabulous) experience of working with Pam.

The sign-up process was smooth and seamless. Several hours later, I received a separate email from Chris on my iPhone. It was so long ago that I don’t have the words verbatim, but it was along the lines of:

Hey. Great to meet you. Love your site. Love your Mom’s mantra. You’re clearly living it well. - Chris.

I actually remember stopping in my tracks and rereading it three times. Nope, it was clearly not an autoresponder.

Shaking my head, I walked on, wondering:

Who had time to go through and read every registrant’s website?

Who had time to respond to each registrant, shining such light on them?

Chris did. He MADE the time.

Since then, I’ve purchased his books, interviewed him in my Thing-Finding-Thursday series, flew across the country (twice) to attend his World Domination Summit (and have invoked dozens of other people to do the same) and speak often of him and his work (in fact, just did this morning with a client).

Yes, yes. He does good work, is a prolific writer and has reams of good information to share. But I’ve been a devotee of his since THAT email. In less than 10 minutes of his time, and in under 20 words, his desire to connect to where I was, his desire to shine a bit of light my way has been a gift that I have cherished and have learned from. He’s been in my heart ever since, and from that place of deep trust, I’ve helped build his audience.


So often, we stop short of sharing what we see in others. We think that by doing so, we are being arrogant, or ego-driven, or overtly bold. We wonder if they’ll doubt our sincerity.

But what if you dared to shine the light on someone else anyway? You have it in abundance. What if you

Right now, think of 5 people are in your realm that you admire. It could be someone in your audience, your client base, your colleague/peer group, or someone you look up to.

Tell them what you love about what they’re doing or standing for. Right now. Be honest. Be specific. (For inspiration, you can try any of the following options below ... or all of them as long as it's authentic.)

Thank you for modeling xyz for me. It’s an edge I continue to want to grow, so I’m grateful to you.

From your work/words/teachings, I’ve learned/I am learning xyx.

Because of what you’ve shown me, I am shifting xyz.

The impact of shifting xyz will mean this in my life.

And when they ask to use these words in a testimonial, say: yes, of course.

Because you meant the words. They were rooted in your truth and in your heart and you have plenty more of that to give. PLENTY.

With love,




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