We all trip up. We all lose our way. We all get jumbled in the "should I" vs "shouldn’t I" cage match. Answering “what kind of person do you want to be?” is a never-miss shot of clarity. Character-revealing. Your next steps may not always be easy, but they are clear.

Watch on.

And hey, TGtv friends? It’s good to be back.

So...will you consider:

what kind of person
what kind of person

1) Feel free to declare in the comments what kind of person YOU want to be. It feels good to claim it. 2) Let me know in the comments, on Facebook  or via email if there are any issues you’re facing in your business or life that you’d love me to tackle in an upcoming episode. I'm willing to bet you're not the only facing it. ************* PS – In the next couple of episodes, I’ll help you: sift through the many asks that sit in your inbox and discern what to say yes/no to; dealing with overwhelm; what stops people from starting, and on and on. Why not sign up for the blog (and you’ll get The Joy Pages) and you’ll KNOW when the next TGtv comes out.

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