Live (ish) from New York, it’s TGtv…

I’m here for Golden Ticket with Michelle Ward. Crazy, crazy excited to be meet all the Goddesses rock their message out on video in an off-Broadway black box theatre. And that will be one delicious celebratory glass of champagne at the end of the day.

And my family came with me. This, my friends, has been part of the dream. The work I love WITH my family? Truly sublime. Bursting with gratitude. The Kid has seen herself on a screen in Times Square, we have had the experience of “Annie” sippy cups of (questionable) wine at the Palace theatre. Carriage ride in Central Park, Statten Island ferry, MoMa, FAO Schwartz, the whispering corner at Grand Central are on the agenda.

As such, this will be quick ‘n useful.

Last week, I decided to launch the Dress Rehearsal version of Step into Your Starring Role program.

I live and breathe the content. It’s what I do with my clients all the time: helping them go from feeling like an understudy in their lives to the starring role. It’s also deeply rooted in the TEDx Women talk I did in December. So, the content lives and breathes and is very very very good.

But I haven’t done it in a group before and have been deeeeeeply wanting to. And so I decided to. Last Thursday. I did NOT do my due diligence, got a little sloppy, didn’t pay attention to details and yet, YET….

Please note - some people have reported that the video is hard to hear even with their speakers turned all the way up. Try using headphones - that seems to do the trick!


  • I do NOT recommend launching on Saturdays.
  • I DO recommend paying attention to details.
  • I DO recommend doing due diligence and consulting with people in the know.*  (Tara Gentile’s Insight Intensive comes to mind…I cannot recommend Tara highly enough). And if you’re launching something, be sure to let Stacy Stone know.

And I ALSO recommend launching anyway.

If you have a story about a launch that flew OR flopped, please share in the comments. Also, please share resources for others who are launching to learn from.

And there are ONLY THREE spots left for my Step into Your Starring Role:: The Dress Rehearsal program. If this feels right for you, join us.