Today's Thing Finding Thursday features a guest post by Megan Potter.

Megan is an an Archetypal Counselor & Chinese Face Reader. Yup, thought you might be curious about that. Read on to find out how she woke up (consistently at 1:00 am) to THAT.




Fireworks, Epiphanies, and Gestating Things that all Come Into Being in their Own Time but are Really In There All Along.

I have the freaking coolest job in the world, seriously.  I double dog dare you to find a job as cool as mine.

When I show off for fun (cause if you had my job you’d totally show off for fun too) I literally get to watch people’s jaws drop; they tell me I’m crazy - unbelievable, or they sit speechless with eyes wide.  In fact, their reactions are so much fun that my husband likes to use me as entertainment at boring parties and in large groups.

My totally, way cool, job is to read people’s faces.  Not their expressions, not their feelings, but their noses and eyebrows and foreheads and cheeks.  (For example, I can tell you that with cheeks like that Tanya is a Woman of Authority who can handle being the boss, but also demands a certain pride in everything she does.) [ed. note: oooooh, she's gooood]

My work is centered around Chinese Face Reading, but that’s not my Thing.  It’s just one vehicle that lets me express my thing.

Rewind to two, three, years ago.

It’s approximately 1:00 am, and I’m curled up on the couch with a book and pen.  Everyone has gone to their respective beds and I’m soaking up the dark stillness, allowing myself to be swept up in this treasure I recently found, my first book on Chinese Face Reading.  I’m not even at the face reading part, I’m still only in the front matter: the stuff on why the author (who would later become my teacher) thinks This Work matters.

Every now and then I need to set this book down.  I need to tug it away from my body so that the electric shock it is radiating though me can release enough to let me catch my breath.

She is talking about the importance of knowing ourselves, about her work of being a mirror for others so they can rediscover - have affirmed - that Self for themselves.

And fireworks are going off inside of me.  I can’t sit still.  I have to stand up, then sit down again, to keep reading.

How could I have missed that?  Of course that’s my thing.  I’ve known it all along, I just never knew it before.

My work is Chinese Face Reading, but my Thing is seeing people’s souls and empowering them to live from their selves.  It always has been, even when I had no bloody idea what I was going to do with myself.

Rewind to Six years before that.

It’s approximately 1:00 am; everyone’s in bed and I’m sitting in front of my computer chatting it up on my favorite forum.  The flicker of the computer screen is the only light in the house, the clack of my keyboard seems to echo deathly loud.

A friend posts: “I’m having a coaching session tomorrow, wish me luck.”

What’s a coaching session?

I click the link she, so kindly, provides.

A new world opens in front of me as I read a blurb: What is Coaching?

I could feel it, energy moving up my body, my stomach flips, my heart pounds to the rhythm, “This is me.  This is me.  This is me.”  I could feel it throbbing through me.

It’s me, it’s who I’ve always been, what I’d always been doing - even when I had no freaking clue what I could do with my life.

Fireworks I can’t contain push me to my groggy (formerly asleep) husband’s bedside, “Oh my God Jeff, you have to listen to this!”

Fast Forward 3 or 6 years from now

It’s approximately 1:00 am and I’m up reading, or surfing, or chatting - when I should clearly be in bed.  But the dark, quiet, aloneness brings me to a place of internal stillness nothing else does.

I’ve found a new idea, a fascinating article, amazing person and one more thing is expanding within me.  I can feel it, the energy rush that confirms this is exactly the thing I needed to find at this exact moment.  There are fireworks and excitement, and something clicks into place for me.

As a result my work - my job - will grow, expand, or maybe shrink - or even leap, take an entirely new shift.  But when it happens, I’ll stand there open mouthed (like so many of my Face Reading clients), and say: This is me.  As soon as I see it I’ll know it’s true, has always been true, even when there was no way I could possibly define it before.

I’m not the least bit worried about it though, because I know whatever happens at that 1:00 am epiphany I’ll still be looking into soul’s, I’ll still be empowering and affirming and reflecting back every gorgeous Self that plants itself in front of me.

Because that’s my Thing, and my Thing is ME.

Which is why I’m constantly walking through life with eyes raised, arms open, and heart singing just waiting for Fireworks and Epiphanies knowing they’ll only take me closer to who I already am.


You can find Megan Potter at her  blog, on facebook or on Twitter.  She does one-on-one Face Reading sessions, teaches the Five Elements, and offers Elemental self-care retreats.