erin-giles-option-1 My daughter is learning about simple machines in school right now. You know...inclines, wedges, screws, levers, pulleys, wheels and axles...that kinda thing. She's been arguing the case that without the axle, pulleys and wheels don't function properly, and as such, they're the most important. (Axles for the win, said very few people, ever.)

So, naturally, I'm thinking about axles. And how it relates to the core of what each of us does. How freeing it is to see and know the axle around which all of our work revolves. And how the work we do REQUIRES that axle for revolution. Circular. And stable. And guess what loathes stability? Yup. The Impostor Complex.

Take Erin Giles. She is a wildly brilliant new mama of two. She has a heart the size of all the Southern States (and a sweet accent to show for it). She is powerful and innovative and loves fiercely. My kind of woman.

Two years ago, she invited me to be a part of her End Sex Trafficking Day campaign. I was honoured and of course, keen.

She’s a woman up to incredible things. AND a former Step into Your Starring Role participant.

In her words.

Before SIYSR I considered myself a business owner, a coach a consultant even...but not a leader or a teacher. Tanya helped me see no matter what title I used or how good I felt about the work I did I wasn't fully stepping into my role because I didn't see myself as a leader. I felt like an imposter and it wasn't until my work with her that I realized just how important it was for me to claim my role as a leader.

So Erin’s axle is that of leader.

And when she started to recognize that she's a leader, when she got it, REALLY GOT IT, it’s made all the difference. And it informs all that she does.

Within months of claiming the role as a leader and teacher, I've been invited to speak at two engagements that last year I wouldn't have dreamed I would be stepping up on stage at.

I'm not saying I'm not intimidated still, I'm nervous as can be but I said YES. I'm stepping up and recognizing that the work I bring needs to be heard. 

AND ohmygoodness it needs to be heard. Seriously. She’s inspiring entrepreneurs everywhere to take a good look at their own give-back style that sets them on track to creating social impact (and her free week Mission: Movement Maker starts soon…sign up here).

Her goals for this year

To welcome speaking engagements, offerings and products that I know I need to say yes to and to be confident in doing so. What I'm really happy about is knowing that it's ok, normal even to be nervous stepping into my role, but doing it 110% in spite of.

As I type these words, Erin is hours of taking the stage at a conference. And she’s going to rock it. As she did on the TEDx stage last year.

So...what’s the axle around which all of your work revolves? Are you claiming it? Owning it? ‘Cause once you do, doors open. Promise.

PS – Speaking of doors, the Step into Your Starring Role doors open March 17th. Get on the list for early bonuses.