This I believe with my heart and soul: who we admire speaks volumes about who we want to be in this world. I was reminded of this recently as I scribed my daughter’s letter to Santa:L's letter to Santa

Dear Santa –

I think you are inspiring. I like you a lot. I like how generous you are and how kind you are and how sweet and nice you are. I hope you have a lovely Christmas! I like your reindeers and I like your elves and I think your heart is very sweet and kind. I like you a lot and I love you and Christmas.

- From Lauren

At first glance, these are words from a 5-year old hankering for a very Littlest Pet Shop Christmas (Lord have mercy). But, if you know her, you’d know that she operates under the premise that the following are admirable qualities: inspiration, kindness, and generosity. These are traits that she asks about frequently. No wonder she digs on SC. He’s her benchmark of an evolved person…and as her mother, I couldn’t be prouder.

I tend to admire survivors who elevate our collective consciousness (Pema Chödrön comes to mind). I admire truth-tellers, visionaries, nice people and those committed to making this world a kinder, gentler place….and if they can make me laugh while they’re at it, then I’m hooked forever-more.

You are now privy to my innermost yearnings…the person that embodies those qualities is the person that I am WANTING to become…my authentic self. I have miles to go before I sleep, but I am gaining on it. Very happily.

And you, who do you admire?