Wednesday night was our 20th wedding anniversary. Twenty years of making mistakes and then making repair. Twenty years of building a home and a family and a life. Twenty years of making each other laugh.

But this post isn’t about that. kind of is.

But not really.


Okay. For our anniversary dinner, we decided to go to the restaurant that is arguably Toronto’s best right now.

We stumbled upon it two years ago and ended up magically with the best table in the house. Corner table, snowy night. It was magical. And ridiculously expensive and totally worth it.

It has become SO popular by now, that reservations can only be made one month (to the day) in advance. My husband essentially speed dialled on August 25th to get a fabulous table, but despite his best efforts, we ended up with a tiny table in the bar area. No big plush corner table for us this time. in the context of the shit show we have playing out in the world all around us, this is really not a big thing, and so of course, we stayed, ate well, and had a fantastic time. Like we do together. But/and it was ridiculously expensive and we couldn’t wait to get home.

This morning, my husband texted this to me:

“My takeaway is that if we’re going to spend we shouldn’t accept the spendee’s second best offering. We can always find what we want.

And THAT, is how I know I’ve finally gotten through to him after twenty years.

Second best ain’t the thing, friend.

Not for me.

Not for you.

Not for any of us.

Step UP and don’t settle.

In and for anything.

All love,


PS - Thank you for your responses to last week’s birthday request...I’m working on pieces around forgiveness, Imposter Complex help for your kiddos, and holding power with integrity. They’re gooooooood. And taking their time to coalesce. Because second best writing isn’t good enough for you.


For my birthday, and in the spirit of only serving you up the BEST, I wanted to share some of my favourite folx’s offerings. All of these are love links, not affiliate links <3

Have you noticed that I FINALLY caved and am spelling Imposter Complex with an “e” not an “o”? Yeah. SEO made me do it. Actually, it’s the brilliant Meg Casebolt that made me do it because she is committed to help me get FOUND. Bless.

But what about you? Keen on more traffic on your website? Meg is an SEO specialist who teaches entrepreneurs how to show up on Google, and next month she’s running a free challenge called SEOctober.

A new, free 5-minute training every weekday to write blog posts that will help your ideal clients find you on Google.

Sign up today at


One of my absolute favourite teachers, Staci Jordan Shelton is offering a 7-week intensive program called ANEW. And it is WHEW.

“Because the first thing you need to do to have success is to get free from the lies people who benefit from your captivity taught you.”

I repeat: WHEW.

ANEW it is about allowing yourself to tell the truth about your life and the world, give yourself permission to have, do and be in a different and more liberated way, and start living from that space.

On October 6th the doors open...and spots are in high demand.

It's 7 weeks of truth, exploration, examination, and working towards emancipation. She will help you develop your 2020 Liberation and Success Plan. Trust me.


And finally, I’ve mentioned that I will no longer be running the nine-month Starring Role Academy I’ve loved so hard for the past three years. (Even if that exquisite gala weekend damned near almost made me change my mind!) I did say that last year, and I was correct. I'm indeed pivoting a little, and I’m excited about serving my folx even better than ever because this pivot will allow for that.

But for anyone who was anticipating jumping into the Academy for 2020, I wanted to tell you about Jo Casey's Supernova Collective. It's similar in scope to what the Academy was (nine months, solid container, brilliant collective wisdom, kickass coaching - heh) and Jo is truly a gift. I've had the privilege of working with her closely IN the Academy over the last two years so I KNOW what heart she pours into everything that she does. And how fiercely she wants on behalf of her clients...and how far they go with that kind of support. Seriously...she is incredible.

I also got to witness her teaching a workshop in my home on Monday so I'm even more in awe of how she does what she does.

Get on the phone with her and see if the Supernova Collective is the right place for you. 


Photo credit: Lindyn Williams

That’s it from me this week. Tomorrow, I’ll be wearing my birthday crown and next week I’ll be in the Azores on an anniversary trip with my man, but feel free to follow along with the hiking, sunrises AND sunsets over on IG.

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