This week, my friends. This WEEK.


There were the things that I just did (like a speaking gig with some fantastic folx at Wealthsimple) and then there were the things that just about did me in.

This is the week I wrap up the nine months of the Starring Role Academy. That final call just about did me in. The sacredness of gathering hearts does that.


We evicted a squirrel (humanely). Watching her try to get back into that space just about did me in. Knowing the sanctity of home does that.

I took my Masterminders to see Lizzo last night. And her absolute fierce love for her self her art and her audience just about did me in. Seeing folx fully stepped into their starring roles does that.


As you’re reading this, I’ll be stringing faerie lights in my yard with my Ops manager, Caitlin, in advance of the party I’ll be throwing as the kickoff to the celebration weekend we have planned for those who have completed the 2019 Starring Role Academy. And knowing this is the last celebration weekend I’ll be hosting will just about do me in...once I get that in my bones.

You see, as much as I have loved running the Academy over nine months these past three years and as powerful as it has (always) been, I suspected last year this would be the final cohort...and I was right.

So that’s where you’ll find me this weekend. A blend of feeling joy and grief and relief and celebration and humanness...the one with the water bottle, hydrating like it’s her job.

Next week I’ll be integrating the goodness that has been...and celebrating my birthday on Saturday.

I want to make sure I am of service to YOU in the midst of this integration, so an early birthday gift to ME, is to reply to this with something that you would love to hear me write about. Maybe I'll even do up a video Q+A. Who knows?

With love love love to you for you.


For this week’s episode of Ready Enough with Tanya Geisler, I was joined by the one and only Nic Strack. Nic is an Empowerment Coach for Moms. A little background...

Nic was with me in LAST year’s cohort of the Starring Role Academy (that pic is of them at the aforementioned gala!) and watching them step into their Starring Role as Nic (insert glorious swear word here) Strack? It was EVERYTHING and like a glorious full circle for ME to have them on the podcast.

But for YOU, I am hoping Nic’s strong message about parenting (and in truth? Doing just about ANYTHING that matters) will reach you right where we intended it to. In your core.

They also gave me lots to think about as it relates to repair. And of course, how self love isn’t just about mimosas and face masks, my friends.

Listen in here for the goodness and hit Nic and I up on IG to let us know what you discovered.

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Before my pretty big switch-up in my business, I have a little time in my calendar for some 1:1 Star Tipping Intensives. These are deep diving strategy sessions that WILL help you map out your 2020 and beyond. The beyond being some stuff that will never, ever leave you.

Here’s when my calendar tells me I am free: October 10, 16 and 18. Let’s see if this is a good fit for us both.


We talked Zombie apocalypse (turns out I will be woefully unprepared), the Imposter Complex, and ham roll-ups...I loved this conversation I had with Janelle Allen of Zen Courses. She asks really smart questions.

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