In this episode of Ready Enough, you will hear how fond I am of my guest, Nic Strack. Nic was in my Starring Role Academy in 2018 and watching them do the brave work of deepening into who they were becoming was a profound privilege and joy.

Nic is a parenting coach and so in this episode, we talk some about what Nic calls “against the grain parenting” which they know a lot about as a non-binary parent. We talk about how exhausting this can be and as such why self-care matters and what self-care really is (hint: it’s not just about sheet masks and massages...though it can be that too).

Of course as ever, we talk about how the Imposter Complex insists upon perfection, how even thinking about “ready enough” may presume that we aren’t taking responsibility for doing harm, and as such why reparations are vital in this space of swinging out imperfectly.

“The repair part is huge. I do not intentionally do harm, and I know that I unintentionally will.”

-Nic Strack

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