Today on the Ready Enough Podcast, I have the joy of speaking with the deeply wise and powerful Meg Lightheart. Meg is a presentation coach for people with a vision and a leadership coach for people facing uncertainty, complexity, and mess. She particularly likes supporting people who feel in over their heads and who sense that what's got them to where they are isn't going to get them through this next set of challenges.

So together, we’re talking about where the Imposter Complex show up for folx doing presentations and other types of performance. We talk about where the Imposter Complex shows up in leadership and the ever-so-vital distinctions between independent leadership and interdependent leadership.

But more specifically, we talk about how the Imposter Complex loves to get into and under or activate our perfectionism and how it tag teams with humility to become diminishment. Meg shares her experience in how the Imposter Complex shows up for her as a trans feminine person who uses she/her pronouns. Because the Impostor Complex is obsessed with binaries and certainty and all or nothing. So, we get into where this plays into the idea of “trans enough.” I think you’re going to love this conversation.

“It's only really when we move to a more interdependent lens that we're able to deal with the mess, and the muddiness, and the grayness, and the swirling constant complexity of the world. And then find a way to be who we are without having to grab on to binaries.”

-Meg Lightheart

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