Staci Jordan Shelton is one of my absolute favorite teachers. She is a performance consultant and coach working with leaders, creatives, and entrepreneurs to uncover—to unravel—the things that influence and impact their performance, processes, and overall results.

Staci  is all about releasing Humans from captivity and the tyranny of limited beliefs, behaviors, and binaries—self imposed or otherwise. By helping humans get free of the lies that hold them hostage, she is helping in cultivating a lifestyle of powerful self-love, self-acceptance, agency, freedom, and abundance.

And those lies that keep us hostage? They are the tools of white supremacy, patriarchy, and the Imposter Complex.

And so, I invited Staci here on the Ready Enough Podcast to go deep with me in unraveling some of these holds that the Imposter Complex—or other systems—have on us.

“People have to be willing to come and be vulnerable enough to tell the whole truth. Because an incomplete truth only gets you an incomplete solution.”

-Staci Jordan Shelton

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