Today I am thrilled to have the brilliant light that is Elizabeth DiAlto on the show with me. Elizabeth’s energy is infectious and pretty much NOTHING is off the table.

We talked about her Queen status, and how you can embrace yours, how perfectionism is extremely isolating, and how we tend to romanticize, dramatize or minimize in all our relationships. We talked about her relationship with shame, and why transparency is a huge part of WHY she doesn’t struggle with the Imposter Complex as much as many of the folx I meet. And Elizabeth breaks down the four parts of her curriculum, Arc of Power, which have allowed her to deepen into this work as well.

What I really appreciate is how HONEST Elizabeth is about having a hard time trusting people...because even with best intentions, if they’re not looking at their stuff, what’s being acted upon can be really damaging and harmful. Which I just think is such a great argument for being in INTEGRITY with yourself, right? Be in integrity SUCH THAT you are trustworthy. That’s what I endeavour to do in any case.

“We're basically never ready for anything. Therefore, I think we're always ready.”

-Elizabeth DiAlto

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