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I swear that I WILL give you a rest from hearing about my Kid entering into high school... soon. But for the moment, it’s still a grade-A biggie for me.

As her parent, for sure. I shared why this was so significant over on Instagram this week.

But also, as a student of the Impostor Complex. You see, my daughter is now of the age that I was when I started to notice the Impostor Complex in myself

Or rather, she is the age I was when I started to exhibit the behavioural traits that we run to to avoid feeling like the Impostor... or to cope with feeling like an Impostor.

The people-pleasing.
The leaky boundaries.
The comparison.
The diminishment.
The perfectionism.
The procrastination (okay... that may have begun pre-high school).

I didn’t know that’s what it was, mind you. And it’s taken me most of my teen years, 20s, 30s, and 40s to understand why I would try to run and hide in those behaviours that were doing me more harm than good. Because you can run, but you cannot hide.

That much has always been clear.

But it’s ALSO clear that in spite of the false starts and insecurities and disconnections and miseries endured from not doing what I’ve claimed I’ve wanted to do, I can see that all along I have ACTUALLY known three truths, and they have guided me up every hill I’ve ever desired to climb:

  1. I don’t have to go this alone. I CAN. But I don’t have to.
  2. I’ve done hard things before. And I can look to those accomplishments as proof of my capacity.
  3. And when the desire is greater than my fear, those fears will not - cannot - stop me.

That’s what I want to remember.
That’s what I want my daughter to remember.
And that’s what I want YOU to remember.

Every day.

PS - If you want to know which of the behavioural traits of the Impostor Complex is in YOUR way, be sure to take my quiz!


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COOKIES. Because first day of high school means we make cookies with pals, doesn’t it? With sprinkles and all the chocolate chips in the cupboard and all the cinnamon? Isn’t THAT how we hang onto to the moments by our fingernails? Probably not, but it was a delicious attempt in any case.


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