in the spotlight with ricardo mcrae

In the Spotlight with Tanya Geisler is a weekly live show that shines a light on some of the biggest mindset challenges facing leaders and entrepreneurs today in their lives and in their work.

This week's guest is Ricardo McRae.

Ricardo  is committed to creativity and commerce working together. Today, he’s bringing creativity to life as the Host of The Framing Podcast on iTunes, and helping families across Canada as a licensed Financial Advisor. Prior to his most recent endeavours, Ricardo was the Creative Director of a boutique consultancy, Wedge15 and the Creator of - Canada’s leading source on Black Excellence reaching over 1M people in 100 countries with 30K+ fans and followers. He studied Fine Arts and Business at the University of Windsor and the Ontario College of Art and Design before acquiring his Project Management designation and becoming an award winning entrepreneur and TEDx speaker.


  • Ricardo’s background and amazing life stories
  • Change is hard but is required if we want to accomplish anything
  • Value is created by framing
  • Answering a client question about profitable passions

in the spotlight with ricardo mcrae


  • If you are not dead, you can change. You can change your circumstances, you can change your life, you can DO something. And if you’re dead, all of your problems just got solved. So there are no really bad situations. The problem is action. Are you going to take an action to make a difference in the things you want? … Do something. Do anything.

  • Value is created. If you dance on the side of the street, you will get pennies. If you dance at Carnegie Hall, you will get millions. The only difference is the location and the frame.

  • The frame is the most valuable thing in artwork. It’s not the art, it’s the frame. If you take a piece of art and put it under your bed and disrespect it, it has zero value. But if you frame it and put it in a gallery and set the lights and tell the people to be quiet when they come in the room, it’s now worth millions. … Being able to frame things creates value.

  • Everything is valuable if it’s framed properly. Everything. And everybody is valuable if you just give them the opportunity to talk. Everybody has a story.

  • Everything is google-able. Information is not the problem. Access to information is not the problem. It’s self-discovery. What do YOU want to do when every possibility is now open to you? That is what we have to teach our children moving forward.

  • Don’t make your passion or your drive responsible for feeding you. Those are two different things and they don’t have to live together. Do what you have to do to make sure you can eat and live and do the work. It’s a marathon. If you are not here it probably won’t get done, so make sure you are taken care of. Then spend the rest of your time working on that passion and that thing that’s going to drive you. It [may not] generate money right now [but] it is good work doing great things - you’re going to find a way along that journey to [monetize or fund it].


  • Change is hard, babe. Change is just hard.

  • You just helped me to understand what I actually do in the world! As a leadership coach, I’m constantly helping people to reframe what they’re thinking or the narratives they’re living in and believing!

  • It’s less about confidence and more about alignment. You know who you were when you were one. The sense of the true is strong in you, and my suspicion is that that’s always been true.



Each week Tanya and a guest star (an expert in their zone of genius) take on a topic that is UP in their work, or in the work of their clients. (Can’t step into your starring role when perfectionism, procrastination, boundaries, comparison, people pleasing, diminishment, and overwhelm are in the way, right?)

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