Yippee! My first ever TGtv episode!!! Huge love and props go to the fabulous Genna McWhinnie for producing the title slides and super spiffy bumper. And for everyone along the way who has continued to point me in this direction.


The intention behind TGtv is to tackle the issues that have been showing up in my clients’ lives and businesses (holding confidentiality sacrosanct, of course, and AND with their permission). My experience has been that if it shows up repeatedly with my clients, it’s likely showing up with my readers too, and so I wanted to have a place to share with you the tools, methods and ideas that we’ve used to help them move forward. In the hopes that it will do the same for you.

Episode 1: Feedback

Lately, the issue of feedback has been coming up, like, a LOT. So it was the natural first episode (I’m sure I’m going to get my share of feedback on this first attempt, so perhaps I’m just priming the pump, hmm?)

We all know that to get to the next level…whatever that level may be, that we are in a perpetual state of honing, trimming down and refining. And sure, we CAN do it on our own, but what a more efficient path is through feedback. I take a stand for feedback being an ESSENTIAL part of the process. And yet, it really can be a challenge to know how to be with it. And because it’s such a dicey thing, GIVING feedback can be equally uncomfortable. Yet again, an important gift we simply mustn’t hoard.

So, I give you, in the best way I know how, some easy and actionable steps for RECEIVING and GIVING feedback.

Over to you

1) Please share in the comments an experience you’ve had with either feedback being delivered remarkably well, OR remarkably poorly. We can learn from both.

3) I’d also love to hear any issues you’re facing in your business and life that you’d like me to address in an upcoming episode.  I solemnly pinky swear to do my best to get to your ideas. Let me know in the comments, on Facebook or via email.

3) And finally, if you received value from this episode, will you share it with your peeps? I would be most grateful.

  • @TanyaGeisler shares what she knows about feedback: receiving it and giving it. (Tweet this)
  • There is a direct relationship between the level of emotion + proximity of an issue to your heart. (Tweet this)
  • In giving feedback, make sure you have permission. (Tweet this)
  • In receiving feedback, remember you’re being offered a perspective…not necessarily YOUR TRUTH. (Tweet this)
  • Feedback is a gift. To be received graciously and given respectfully. (Tweet this)


PS – the quote I reference about being the ultimate authority is from here.