Hey HEY friends -

There are a host of new folx on my list this month so I wanted to welcome y’all in.

WELCOME! I’m so glad you’re here!

And reconnect with those of you who have been around for a while and maybe can’t recall why.


I write about a two things specifically.

#1 I mostly write about the Impostor Complex.

I endeavour to share with you what I know and have been learning about the Impostor Complex over the past 12 years. Well, the Impostor Complex, Unshakeable Confidence, and Stepping into your Starring Roles, that is. And friends? There are days when I feel like I’ve only just BEGUN.

Most recently, I wrote a post about People-Pleasing and the Impostor Complex.

Before that, I wrote about how I invite nuance when considering the Impostor Complex and the coping mechanisms that can exacerbate the experience.

And right before that, I wrote articles on how the Impostor Complex tries to shut us down by having us stay out of actiondoubt our capacity, and have us feel alone and isolated.

#2 I also write about life.

I confused the HELL out of many of you new readers who came for the Impostor Complex teachings when I wrote a love letter to my fifteen-year-old for her birthday and started with “Dear L” (especially the Lauries, Laceys, Lindas, Lydia, Lavettas in the room!) But that’s what I do (not the confusing you, mind...but rather the writing). I write about life. My life. And maybe your life too.

And MY life includes my body of work which IS the Impostor Complex.


The grief. The joys. The heartaches. The disappointments. The undulations. The shame. The ice cream. The injustices. The shattering sorrow of light. The grace. The liminal spaces. The legacies. The arcs. The brilliant revelations of shadows.

I write to iron out the edges of my thinking, such that it may be of service to us both.

Does my Impostor Complex LIKE that I write about my life? Oh hellllllll no. But, Honey? It doesn’t even like it when I write about the IMPOSTOR COMPLEX.

Because for me to be able to live my life IN my Starring Role, with Unshakeable Confidence, I am required to embrace the #bothand (and then some) of who I am.


My Mama had a mantra, you know. It was “Don’t Postpone Joy”. I’ve written about her hereherehere, and here...with my grandmother too.

Since she died, I have prioritized understanding joy. And then, activating from it.

And in truth, what gives me joy is writing what I am compelled to write. Teaching what I am compelled to teach. Honouring the call that has been made of me.

Today’s my Mama’s birthday. So in her honour, let me know how YOU won’t postpone joy today?

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