My brilliant friend Tara McMullin said this upon reading my latest article this week.

Sidebar: did you read it? Did you see that picture of six-year old me in my drug store barrette and Bert + Ernie inspired turtleneck with my splayed front teeth from sucking my thumb? Yeah. I think she pretty fabulous too. Onward.

Tara said this:

“I don’t think you/your work are for the people who don’t want to be Stars. What I love about this story is that the Angel probably ISN’T the star of the pageant to everyone, right? Some people think the star is Mary. Others Joseph. Others the baby. Hell, I’m sure someone thinks the wise man who brings myrrh is the star. You had your eye on the role you wanted and saw as the most important cog in the wheel.

You’re not here to help people be more confident as an extra or the 3rd shepherd. You’re here for the people who choose to be a Star, no matter what role that takes.”

(You know that feeling that angels — heh — are singing because someone has articulated the thing that is too close for you to be able to see, much less articulate? THAT. And that IS the gift of Tara.)

She is right about my work.

The Star of the show for you, in fact may be the Director.

Or Joseph.
Or Craft Services.
Or the Ticket Taker.
Or the Star (you know...the Star of Bethlehem).
Or the Casting Director who pulls the peeing child off the stage (you’ll just have to read it.)

That IS the point.

And the question then is… will you step in?


Thank you Tammy Martin for pointing me towards this fabulous TED talk on understanding privilege and how abstract math can help us discern contexts.


I’m excited to be a part of Jo Casey’s The Messy Meaningful Business Project this April.

Jo takes a strong stand for building beautiful and sustainable businesses that do not necessarily look like the highly curated IG feeds we see. She is all about building businesses that get loved into being NOT through burnout and resentment, but rather meaningfully, sustainably, and non-manipulatively. That are about helping… not hustling. And I’m HERE for it.

I’m excited to learn from the folx she has gathered… and will be sharing my own (winding) path to creating a business I love that loves me back. And we’d love for you to join us.

2 (1).png

Thank you Lacy Boggs and Sarah for making sure I saw this bite of shining brilliance.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez using the Impostor Complex to roast the preposterous Sen Mike Lee was giving me LIFE this week. More here.


Less writing and more sweating this week, it would seem. I’m landing the plane on my book title. Writing 100,000+ words was easy. Writing three for a title, seven for a subtitle and ten for a reading line? Excruciating. Send help. Or a deep breath.


I am celebrating this article that my pal Deb Nicholson shared about Julia Child’s kitchen. It has been a sweet reminder of the many sweet (and savoury) debates I had with my father about kitchen organization. Form vs function (he was a peg-board man too), the marble pastry board, the work triangle, task lighting, the magic of the multi-use Cuisinart (we still have theirs from the ‘80s) AND the appreciation of single-use gadgets (asparagus peeler! ravioli press!). Appreciation...yes. That’s it. And so, I’m reminded that it’s time to pull out the family copper pots and to not only display them, but to USE them. Because, LIFE… right? So I’ll be paging my friend and award-winning designer, Melissa Peretti, for help with the displaying. (MP has made my office gorgeousstyles my events with great flair, and is about to embark on my bedroom facelift. She does online design so… hire her.)


I’m STILL celebrating being RIGHT about you all. When I asked if you would fill out a quick survey to make my nerdiest dream come true — which is to have a data model of my Impostor Complex work created — you showed UP! Thank you beyond thank you.

Hootsuite now has THREE TIMES the data sets needed to create the model. Cannot wait to share what they come up with.