A million years—or perhaps it was only a hot second ago—I wrote this poem over at Bentlily.

It’s calling me home again, so I figured it was time to share it with you.


Beneath layers of patina,
There is a path.
Waiting to be revealed.
To you.

Unspoiled soil
Latent with grace.
It waits.

Yearning to yawn,
For you alone.

As you confer with stars, maps and seers,
It waits.

Willing you to heed the wisdom of your heart.
The only cartographer that matters.
Desiring to gift you with glories untold.
Ever loving, ever bountiful.

In your time.
On your way.
For you alone.
It waits.

Yes indeed.

For you alone. It waits.


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Nic Strack is some kind of human. The best kind of human. Empathetic. Hilarious. WIIIIIIIIIIISE. Badass. Deep. Compassionate. Tender. Fierce.

It was my supreme joy to watch their (continued!) unfolding last year in the Starring Role Academy.

And watching them shine in their most glorious truth is WHEW. Fire.

Nic has just created and released a new resource over at called 10 Motherhood Truths Nobody Talks about… and Why They Matter.

I may be well-past the days of new parenthood, but the overarching theme of their work continues to reign supreme in my realm:

"The relationship you have with your Self defines the relationship you have with your child."

Check out their body of work at You’re welcome.


I was right last week when I said that I was celebrating the way you, MY PEOPLE have risen to my invitation to fill out this suuuuuper short survey. You did. You really did. And we have one more week before I’m submitting the results to Hootsuite. (Honestly, I cannot wait.) So if you haven’t had the chance to do so yet, I would deeply and dearly appreciate it if you could fill it out. Thank you thank you thank you.