“Your people want you to succeed, let them help you,” is one of my most foundational beliefs.

As ever, not EVERYONE wants you to succeed. But YOUR people do.

And when YOUR people say they want to help, for sure and for real, you best let them help you.

Because another one of my most foundational beliefs is this: THIS is bigger than you.

You can feel that, right?
You can feel that in trying to contain the BIGNESS of what you are here to do you may well, and I say this with great love, be containing it.

And we don’t want that.

There are far too many people containing far too many things.


(I’m going somewhere here.)

Last November, I had the pleasure of speaking with a group of folx at Hootsuite about the Impostor Complex. Specifically around helping them to hunt it down so they can deepen into their commitment of diversity and inclusion across all levels of the organization.

Their questions were fabulous and quite in-depth. That’s what these sessions do...bring out the in-depth.

(Reason #7684 I adore speaking as much as I do.)

Specifically, they wanted to understand the STRUCTURE of the Impostor Complex. Like, how specific behavioural traits related to specific lies which related to the Unshakeable Confidence model.

In truth, I almost cried.

You see, I am not a visual person and the fact that I’ve managed to get as far as I have describing the complexities of the IC in 2D is something to be proud of...but there is an entire UNIVERSE of intricacies and interconnections that I see and cannot articulate.

So, I said as much.

And just like that, they offered to help me with data modeling.


Hootsuite has offer to help ME with data modeling.


Because...this is bigger than me.

And Hootsuite knows it.

So I am IN.

And I need you.

Will you please fill out this suuuuper short survey for me? Entirely anonymous, to be certain.

It will help craft and create the model that I’ve been dreaming of, A Beautiful Mind style, for coming up on a decade.

I’m excited.

I’m honoured.

It feels like my nerdiest dream come true.

You are my people. Will you help me?

Thank you in advance.

Thank you thank you.


I went ahead and made myself a whole host of new friends last week when I went to Madison, Wisconsin (including someone who I THINK is an angel named Dwight...but more on him at a later date.)

But one of my newest favourite people is Dina Nina Martinez, a comedian who led a workshop on Humour and the Impostor Complex.

She is as hilarious as she is wise and I am excited to be taking her class today on Trans & Gender Identity 101 (which is the first in a series of four workshops).

In her words: “Maneuvering an ever changing world full of gender and identity politics can be difficult and confusing. This workshop will provide you with the information you need to esteem those who are transgender and gender non-conforming in your life and your organization.”

Join me today at 2p EST. (These are not affiliate links.)


Absolutely LOVED my interview with Thais Sky.

Discernment is my love language and Thais is FLUENT in it. We had plenty of depths to explore as we unpacked the lies of the Impostor Complex, as well as starting to unravel the narrative inside of us telling us we cannot step into our starring role. We explored intimacy, integrity, relationships and practicing discernment. It was...glorious. You can catch it here.

2 (1).png

A client said this to me a couple of weeks ago and it really landed in smack dab into my heart. "If I'm the only person who really and truly gets the full complement and intricacies of my inner workings and power, then I guess I better start listening to myself."

Does it land with you? Does it have you get closer to the middle of your being? To the centre of your essence? Hit reply and let me know.


I’m optimistically celebrating the fact that YOU, MY PEOPLE, have risen to my invitation to fill out this suuuuuper short survey. (heh heh)