The language folx use when talking about problematic drinking is pretty much EXACTLY how I speak about the Imposter Complex. It keeps us out of action, doubting our capacity, and alone and isolated. And it has me thinking: when are we blaming our stuckness on the Imposter Complex when actually it’s alcohol use or overuse—NOT a mindset issue.

And that’s why I invited Andrea Owen on the show. Andrea is a life coach and author who helps women let go of the shitty self-talk. AND she’s someone who has quit drinking and become sober. So together in this episode, Andrea and I talk about the intersection of the Imposter Complex, belonging, and alcohol, marketing alcohol to women...and how it’s a feminist issue, and a question folx who quit drinking ask: can I trust what I built before I got sober?

“Not very many of us are well versed in actually processing our feelings, and reaching out for help, and even naming them.”

-Andrea Owen

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