There is a universality to belonging and wanting to belong, and that's what the Imposter Complex is deeply concerned about: Where we belong and where we don't belong.

What makes us feel like we don’t belong can take many forms. Sometimes it’s the Imposter Complex trying to keep us out of action, and sometimes it’s an experience of oppression — transphobia, for instance.

So in this episode of the Ready Enough podcast, I’ve invited Dina Nina Martinez to share how the Imposter Complex shows up in her life. Dina is a Trans & Gender Identity teacher, a comedian, actor, and writer.

Together we talk about how Dina experience the Imposter complex, how the Imposter Complex presents differently as a comedian, speaker, or actor, missed opportunities to bridge understanding, some Trans and Gender 101, Dina’s personal methods for dealing with the Imposter Complex, procrastination patterns, and what has helped her to “love herself out loud.”

“We're human, we're all human, and if you treat everybody with basic human respect, then you can't really go wrong.”

-Dina Nina Martinez

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